To Travel Through Your Light Body Into the Zero Point Field – What Does it Mean?

When you go deep in meditation you take your conscious awareness down through the different levels of your physical body by transcending consciously through the organs, cells, molecules and atoms, until you reach the level where the fine particles which make up the atoms are constantly changing state from a wave to a particle – from energy to matter – and back again.

At this level your physical body is in constant communication with your light body as information is exchanged through vibration, Boundary Zero which produces the various colours of light that can be seen in your aura, as your mood or emotions constantly change.

As you refine your consciousness further you can take your conscious awareness down through this contact zone between the physical and non-physical and enter the light itself with your awareness.

Once we become conscious of our light body, our thoughts, feeling and emotions start to travel at light speed, as we use visualization to picture our dreams and aspirations within the light of the third eye, and beyond into being conscious of our whole light body.

If we carry on refining our conscious awareness through deep meditation, it is possible to transcend the light body and go back to our source Energy or underlying spiritual Soul, which resides in the non-changing, eternal continuum of the Quantum Vacuum or Zero Point Field.

When you enter the Zero Point Field your conscious awareness may become Unity Consciousness – one of being totally unbounded and full expanded, as you feel at one with the whole universe. At this level of awareness your individual self merges with the Higher Self and becomes One with it.

After entering this unbounded state, where we may feel like an orb of light floating without any boundaries and without the pairs of opposites which we experience in duality, we feel whole and complete, with the inner feeling of eternal bliss consciousness.

When we have been in this state for a few minutes (that is, a few minutes of earth time – although the state itself is timeless, and so are we while we are in it) and we feel at One, yet consciously alert, we can choose to tickle the silence by placing the vision of a thought, dream or desire into it and letting it go.

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