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An Indian Festival That Explains an Importance of Unconditional Love and Duty in Relation

We all are very familiar with the well known sentence that Man is a social animal. In our society a person can not live alone. He needs at least one person with him to live the happy, peaceful and satisfied life. In our life one person has more than type of relation with other persons. That may be personal life, social life, professional life etc. We all are living with all these life and related with them somehow.

For that In India we have many festivals every year, through which we can often meet our relatives and friends. These festivals also explain us love and duty towards others as a human being. Today we have all these things in our life but they have been affected by selfish and conditional relations with others. They force the person to go away from the words and feelings like love and duty towards each other. Rakhi is the festival that explains us true importance and necessity of unconditional and true love and duty in all our relations.

This festival is considered as a very holy festival and it is very special day for every sister and brother. On this day brother goes to meet his sister at her home. Every year it is celebrated on 15th day Shraavan Month of Hindu calendar that generally comes in month of August when there is a rainy and beautiful. There is a specified procedure (vidhi or rasam) of its celebration. When brother holi festival arrives sister welcomes him with kumkum tilak with rice particles on his forehead. Now she performs with Aarti and then she ties a Rakhi (generally on right hand) to his brother and offers some sweet from her hand (and mostly made by sister) in mouth of brother. At this time brother promises to take care of sister at any cost and sister prays for his brother. There after brother gives some beautiful gift (or hard cash) to his sister. At first sight we can see it is a two way transaction, but the main thing is that none of them expects any thing from each other but they give each other without any expectation in return. Both of them feel that they give love and perform duty towards each other.


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