Bubble Mailers – Affordable and Safe Mailing Envelopes

Bubble mailers are quite the important invention. These are typically envelopes of varying sizes that have bubble wrap stuck to the inside in a non intrusive way. This design was a fantastic invention for shipping all things that are crushable. People all over the world use this product to ship compact discs, games, small jewelry, and many other items from one place to another. These types of mailers are a great deal cheaper than buying the materials separately.

Where to Find Them?

These types of mailers are sold all over the place. There are multiple stores that are devoted to shipping and handling. Not only can you find them in stores that specialize in shipping packages but even the average grocery store has them for cheap. You could either by these type of mailers one or in packs of varying amounts due to need. Head to any local grocery store, shipping store, or even larger discount stores and you will surely be able to find a decent selection of sizes.

What Not To Use Them For?

What is important to remember is that there is absolutely no stacking strength. So whatever items you put in these mailers must be able to withstand possibly being crushed. The weight is important too, as the lighter the mang xop hoi items the less you have to worry about crushing other mailers. If you want to send a bottle of perfume, you should put it in a box that has manually added padding for protection for example. Keeping this in mind this should be an asset to any company’s or personal usage.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes. There are alternative options when it comes to mailers – poly mailers. These can be reused multiple times which in turn ends up being fantastic for the environment. Environmentally conscious companies and people use these, although the original bubble mailers still lead in popularity and ease. In such an economic crisis, it is important to be able to get more than one use out of a mailer and many Do It Yourself sellers do that-but with a poly mailer it may look a little less professional when reusing it.

Other Considerations

As with anything that passes through the mailing system, you need to use the proper postage. Depending on how important the items sent are to you, you may want to put insurance on it and make it priority. Shipping overnight will also help prevent damage and the possibility of getting the parcel lost. Bubble mailers are typically very light and will not add additional cost to postage for extra weight.


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