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I am a certified soccer coach. What exactly does that mean? Well when I decided that I wanted to start coaching youth soccer I had no idea that there were organizations that actually teach and certify soccer coaches. The two organizations that are recognized as official certifying bodies are NSCAA and USSOCCER.

At the time I decided to pursue coaching my daughters then coach, Jerry Ellison, directed me to these two organizations to gain the necessary knowledge and certifications it would take for me to land a coaching position. This was almost four years ago now. I currently hold many different licenses and certifications from both NSCAA and USSOCCER. I also currently hold coaching positions with two local Girls High School Soccer programs.

I wanted to write this blog for any current coaches or those of you who would like to start on your coaching journey to assist you in finding out exactly where to go to get the best available coaching education, licenses, and certifications. lam bang cao dang It’s not that this information is not out there to find but it can be a little confusing and would be easier to locate in one spot.

The path for obtaining your license or certification starts with the lowest level. To move up to the next level in both organizations usually requires holding a license for a specified amount of time (6-12 months). Also, as you move higher up you will eventually be required to pass a “test” at the end of your training. The tests can consist of written, oral, and practical or field sessions.

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