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Color Separation Services in Screen Printing

Many of you know about the process of color separation which is all about converting any design or image in different sets of coloration effects.  This process is normally performed by the printing or burning it on the screen.  If you will do research work, you will find different types of color separation services.  Each one of them is based on the styling of the graphic which is printed all along with different variables.   Right here we will be discussing the various techniques which are part of the color separation process:

Spot Color Separations

Spot color separation is about separating the solid setoff colors that are not at all mixing.  These spot colors are used for the printing of solid lines as well as printing texts or the area images.  But you cannot use it for any full-color photos or the designs with some complex gradients.

Simulated Process Separations

This is another technique employed in color separation services.  This technique is normally used for the sake of separating the printing photorealistic images as well as t-shirt designs which is based on diversity of color options. Thus, this process makes the considerable use of elliptical halftones which are positioned on the top layer of one another at similar printing angles.

Index Color Separations

Index separation is another most common separation method which can easily convert the images utilizing using the stochastic square dots of any equal size besides considering using the elliptical halftones. The ending result would be in a form of the bitmapped-looking image in which every single square pixel has been representing various colors within a limited color palette.

CMYK True Process Separations

At the last, we have CMYK True Process Separations! This process of color separation is all about the combination of 4 different colors which are based upon yellow, black, magenta and Cyan. These four colors are used to create one complete full-color image.  You can also use this technique for offset printing.  During the screen printing process, few colors are hard to process ink within which we have green, purple and red. For printing such colors, you have to employ the use of extra screen printing so you can add vividness in such coloration effects.

CMYK processing system makes the use of transparent inks and light.  This is the main screen that color separation services are mostly carried out on white garments. Hence the process printing of the CMYK can even be reproduced on the dark garments by considering using some white underlay.   Hence no matter whatsoever technique of the color separation you are using, make sure it works best for your clothing or garment fabric.

Whatever process you choose, make sure your decision is informed about what will work best for the design, the t-shirt, and your press.

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